9 Common Summer Lawn Care Problems in Sydney and Their Solutions

December 26, 2019


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Summertime brings happiness in your lawn but it also give rise to some lawn care problems. It’s not possible to fix an issue without finding it first. Our garden efforts can be destroyed in the end because of one small mistake. In this article, you will see some common problems Sydney landscapers face in summer and how to fix them. With these tips in hand, you can maintain a lush garden free from any brown spots.

Here are 9 Common Summer Lawn Care Problems you must check

Bald Grass Spots

Nobody likes dry grass spots on their lawn and yet it’s a common issue we all face. This mostly happens due to a lack of nutrients in the soil. Oil spills, limited sunlight, and dehydration can also be the reason. This can be fixed by digging up the damaged area and leveling it with the nourished soil.

Photosynthesis Issue

Your garden needs sunlight and Australia has plenty of it. If you see patches of your turf are getting paler, it’s probably due to lack of sunlight. Bad garden design can sometimes block the sunlight. When you’re designing the lawn, give your turf a direct source of light. If you see turf grass not growing on corners, fix it by removing the shade-tolerant patches of grass. Grow Bishop Hat or Sweet Woodruff on that patch instead.

Crabgrass Invasion

lawn care problems crabgrass

It’s a reoccurring weed that likes bare spots in your lawn. In Sydney, crabgrass dies in fall but one plant carries thousand of seeds with it. And it starts to germinate in spring. It’s a common pest plant that does damage to your turf. The best course of action is to call a landscaping expert who can tell you the best way out. These people will apply corn gluten meal to the area and may add fertilizers. If more weed is present, you need complete weed control.

Over Watering

You may think Sydney is a dry region so the reason for brown lawns must be dehydration. Ironically, it’s due to overwatering in summer. Watering excessively in summer feel likes a good idea, but it’s not. Any good lush lawn requires a good soak twice a week only. Your plants may need water every day but your turf need only once after a couple of days. Too much water will kill grass and may welcome invasive weeds.

Keep An Eye On Plant Diseases

The warm weather brings many lawn care problems and plant diseases is one of them. Plants have a strong immunity to diseases but once a while something slips by and starts causing damage.

The Most Common Plant Summertime Diseases in Sydney Are:

  • Brown Patch
  • Dollar Spot
  • Fairy Rings
  • Grey Leaf
  • Powdery mildew

Don’t worry, your plants can protect themselves but they need some maintenance. Doing proper aeration, mowing and removing excessive thatches can help you maintain a lust lawn.


pests lawn care problems

Not all bugs are bad, many of them help your plant grow and pollinate. But with these bugs comes pests and that’s a common issue in Sydney’s dry region. In summers, your well-watered plants become their juicy victims. Normally pests like grubs, beetles, and crawlers are most active in the summer season. If you see the pest invasion in your garden, you need a pesticide. Normally for a small lawn, the soapy water spray is enough to get rid of pests. But it’s always a good idea to get it checked.

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Fairy Ring Problem

This is a common problem caused by fungus. If you see brown circles or semi-circles on your turf, its probably a fairy ring. This fungus attacks the grass and with time drain all the moisture and nutrients from plants.

The best Line of defense is to use fungicide made for fairy rings. You can also take out the affected area and fill it up with new grass.

Grass is Pale

There are many lawns where grass never gets greener. Not watering it or watering it too much can cause problems but sometimes grass stays pale even after proper watering and mowing. This is due to an uneven fertilizer application or no application of any fertilizer at all. Over fertilization will burn the landscape and turn it brown.

Solution: Summer is not a season to add fertilizers to your turf. Always wait until fall and add enough fertilizer to prepare the ground for next year. Reseeding the affected areas and changing the soil can fix the issue.

No Grass Under Trees

We put this “issue” last because it’s not an issue at all. You can fight back nature and try to grow grass under the tree but it’s pointless. Instead, add mulch under the big fellow or other decorations to make it more beautiful. If your lawn has a pine tree, remember to clean the ground from its needle-like leaves. These leaves can also kill your grass.

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