Is Hiring a Sydney Landscape Service a Good Idea?

October 26, 2019


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This article is about benefits of hiring a Sydney Landscape Service. Aside from decorating the interior of your home, you cannot ignore the importance of the exterior. A good landscape design increases the value of your property. Declaring your love for nature is important but your landscape is not interested in your love, it needs your time, energy and knowledge. A small yard can be turned into a small paradise only if you have a passion for it.

The only issue is, can we do all this for very little money?

It’s a yes, you can easily make an exotic landscape only if you know who to hire. I am not talking about which company to hire, it’s about the type of your landscaper.
To make things clear, I asked my friend who is a landscape architect in Sydney.

Sydney Landscape Service

How can I design a awe-inspiring landscape design in a small residence that is cost-efficient and require less effort and time?

The answers he gave are compiled in paragraphs so everyone can learn something new.

How Well You Know Your Plants?

Good landscape design is nothing without the combination of native and non-native plants. Choosing the right plants for your Sydney landscape is important because we have to consider drought-tolerant gardening. Make sure you hire a Sydney landscape service who can choose the right plants for your garden. They know what grows best and what will suit well for your landscape needs and aesthetics.

No Need To Make Things Messy

I am sure all of us think that we are plant experts because seems like it is all about putting the plant in the earth and watering it daily, right?
Wrong, there are many things to consider other than cutting the grass and planting trees. Only an expert landscaper knows how to keep the mess to a minimum level and prevent whatever disruptions that exist. Last year, my Sydney Landscaper friend told me about his retaining wall leakage. He is an expert at landscaping but still, he cannot find any DIY solutions. So he called a nearby Sydney landscape service and they fixed it in less than an hour. The problem was with the retaining wall outlet which is placed inside before building the retaining wall.

Budget and your Gardner

Hiring a landscaper for your garden is also cost-effective. Landscapers will work on the budget you set for them. If you have no idea about the budget, your landscape service can give you a detailed estimate of the project.

When You Need a Project Planner?

Landscaping project planning is a task that is best left to experts. Even a simple task such as grass planting required detailed planning such as soil checks, irrigation systems, retaining walls, etc. A good landscape plan can help you build an effective budget and mark out the points that need attention. Also, a landscape service will provide you with routine maintenance services.

Expert’s Advice on Hiring Landscapers

There is an old saying, ask those who know. This can be applied to your garden work. You will be amazed that you still have a lot of things to learn about your landscape when you talk to your landscaping company. Once my gardener friend was thinking about growing roses in the front yard of his small residence in Sydney. During his conversation with the local landscaper, he was surprised that there are so many things he can do other than growing roses with thorns. He later decided to build an outdoor patio, a place to sit with friends and family during hot summers. Now, he is glad that he got the expert’s advice that day or this idea would have never occurred to him. My point is, no matter how good you are with plants, you must need a landscape expert from time to time.

Type of Landscapers Available In Sydney

Sydney is at a coastal area on a basin bordered by the Pacific Ocean. The soil of Sydney has minerals and sandstone. Unlike other landscaping services in the world, you need to be picky when choosing one.

The following are types of different landscapers you can hire:

Landscape Architects

They plan and design landscapes, and they are the big players in the landscaping industry because planning a landscape design is the most important step. They are best to hire when your landscape is just space.

Landscape Designers

Similar to normal gardeners, they are experts at working on the already made landscapes. Be careful when differentiating between a landscape architect and a designer. A landscape designer usually doesn’t have an academic degree.

Landscape Contractor and Managers

These are the people to call when you want to install landscape features. Unlike architects and designers, these people fix softscape features like soil and vegetation, fences, water elements, retaining walls, etc. Landscape managers, on the other hand, are more like your gardener who provide routine maintenance to your landscape.

Hire your very own local Sydney landscape Architects & Designers

We are among the best Sydney landscaping companies who want to make the city green again. For a quality landscape work or any type of renovation, give Whitlam Landscapes a call and get your head blown away with cool ideas by our creative gardeners’ team.

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