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June 11, 2019


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Autumn Lawn Care Checklist

Summertime is gone, and winter is at our doorstep. In Sydney, autumn season normally begins in March and ends in June.  It is a perfect time to prepare for a thick, green, and healthy garden. Autumn Lawn Care can do wonders to your landscape. This article is for people who wonder why their grass never do better after winters.  We will see what basic mistakes they make before their yard goes dormant in winters. Here are 6 tips and things to do in autumn before the onset of winter.

1- Take Care of the Leaves

Autumn Lawn Care

The sight of autumn leaves on the ground is surely eye-catching but they are bad for your future plants and grass. Autumn leaves cut off the sunlight and moisture from your turf and make it soggy and unusable. When the winter end, it will be hard to grow plants on the moist and damp ground. Your landscape plan for fall should include removal of spent stems, dead branches, and leaves.

2- Don’t Stop Watering

watering plants

Many people stop watering their yards as the weather gets cooler. You should stop watering only when winter actually arrives. But in autumn, your plants need water every week. You can argue that there is more dew and less evaporation at this time of the year but this is not enough to keep your plant roots hydrated. In Australia, you have to keep the irrigation system running until late June. Your lawn needs at least an inch of water for a healthy landscape after August.

3- Aeration Is Necessary


Yes, this is the most important landscaping idea for your yard. Good advice is to aerate your lawn once or twice a year. Wise gardeners do this in fall because they know that it prevents soil from becoming compacted. It also unblocks water, nutrients, and oxygen from reaching the soil. The area where rainfall water pools on your lawn should be aerated first.  For a small lawn, you can use a garden fork but for larger lawns, you can use any proper lawn aerator.

What Is It?

Aeration for your landscape simply means digging small holes in your yard. You can use tools like a ‘core aerator’ or you probably have some tools for aeration in your landscape supply.


It is a good idea to aerate your lawn right before fertilizing. Aeration will let the fertilizer reach the ground where it can do the best.

4- Fertilize at the Right Time

Autumn lawn care fertilizers

In winters most of the plants go dormant including grass. But they are active inside and need water to last the winter. Along with water they also need plant sugars to protect themselves from freezing. These sugars are only produced when there is enough nitrogen in the soil. By fertilizing, your plants get the nitrogen they need and stay healthy in cold weather.

A Fertilizing Advice: The best fertilizer in autumn for your ground can be any slow release nitrogen fertilizer.

5- Spread your Seed


Most of the time, it is your personal choice to what to grow in your yard. But autumn is the best time to seed because the soil is still warm and moist. You simply cannot spray the seed on the ground and expect it to take hold. Landscaping experts suggest using a slit seeder tool for a large ground. Or you can plow them using hand tools but make sure they are in full contact with the soil. Keep your seeds moist until they germinate and strong enough to last the cold. This is also a great time to plant young trees and shrubs.

6- Keep Cutting

Autumn Lawn Care Tip Grass mowing

Its a great autumn lawn care tip to keep mowing your lawn in the season. Grass and many plants keep growing up to the first frost. If you let your grass get too long it will be vulnerable to ‘snow mold’ and other types of fungi. Also, regular lawn mowing gets rid of leaves by chopping them and turning them into a useful mulch fertilizer.

Here is a fun fact: Grass manufactures its food in its leaf blades. So cutting grass blades too short is just as bad because it makes your lawn unable to withstand dry winters.

Wrapping it up

Every yard and garden is different and to decorate it with nature’s artwork, you need a really good landscaper. We think we are the best when it comes to landscaping Sydney. We are Whitlam Landscapes, a team of lawn doctors and nature artists who can make your yard beautiful. Give us a call anytime for free advice or quotation.

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