Sydney Summer Landscaping Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you’re dealing with Sydney droughts, Western Sydney heat waves or East Sydney downpours, summer can be a tricky time to garden. Here’s what you need to know before leaving air-conditioned comforts for a steamy backyard jungle. DON’T: Plant cool-season vegetables Generally speaking, it’s a bad idea to attempt veggies like peas, lettuce, carrots and radishes in summer. They will quickly bolt in the heat, meaning they’ll devote their energy to blooming and producing seeds, making the…

Why hire a Sydney Landscaping Contractor?

Sydney Landscaping Contractors,  providing landscaping services in Sydney, are very popular today for a number of reasons. Your landscaping is an investment and needs to be looked after. The outside of your business can be just as important in attracting and keeping clients as the work you do inside of your company. Sydney commercial landscape contractors can help you create the perfect personalized landscape look for your business, and help you achieve it hassle-free. If you are…

5 activities to rejuvenate your landscaping this season

Top Up Garden Mulch This one is probably the easiest of all the steps in this post. You’ll likely notice over the past 12 months that your garden bed mulch has been slowly reducing in volume through weathering and decomposing which is very normal. The first thing you need to do is make sure you remove all weeds and grasses that might be coming through the garden bed. Try to shake off any dirt from…

Outdoor Room and Landscaping

An outdoor room that provided the comfort of an enclosure but the freedom of the outdoors was the scope for this project. Whitlam delivered a beautiful, modern outdoor room that allowed protection from the elements and the ability to invite the wind and sun to any special event or relaxing afternoon.

Apartment Landscaping

Whitlam’s are the preferred landscaping contractor for many multi-storey apartment developers throughout Sydney. We understand the role landscaping plays in the multi-storey construction industry and work closely with our clients to ensure we hand over the project on time.