Top Up Garden Mulch

This one is probably the easiest of all the steps in this post. You’ll likely notice over the past 12 months that your garden bed mulch has been slowly reducing in volume through weathering and decomposing which is very normal.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you remove all weeds and grasses that might be coming through the garden bed. Try to shake off any dirt from the roots in a pot or over the lawn so you’re not covering the existing mulch in dirt.

Now that all weeds and grasses have been removed, all you need to do to refresh your landscaping in Sydney is to throw a a few bags of fresh mulch right over the top of the existing mulch.

Be sure to give your garden bed a good watering once the new mulch has been spread to make sure there’s enough moisture under the fresh layer.

Clean and Top Up Garden Pebbles

You would be forgiven for thinking cleaning your beautiful white pebbles in your Sydney garden would be near impossible…. That is, unless you enjoy removing one pebble at a time and washing each one by hand..

Large Rocks

After sweeping away any loose debris such as leaves and twigs, spray some household vinegar over the entire bed of stones and let it sit for 5 minutes. If the rocks are large enough, you can give them a good scrub with a soft brushed broom or wire brush. Hose the rocks down and you should notice a considerable difference.

Small Stones

After sweeping away any fallen leaves and twigs, shift the stones into a steel mesh frame and sift out all the dirt. Hose the pebbles down whilst still in the mesh frame before letting dry and return to the garden bed. Tip: If you wait until the pebbles are dry before returning them to your landscape, dirt won’t stick to the pebbles as they fall to the earth.

Oil Outdoor Decking

There are plenty of tutorials online for staining your deck and now is the best time to do so.

Giving your deck or timber walkway a new coat of stain is the best way to preserve your the timber and keep your landscape looking fresh and neat.

Make sure you take the extra time to prepare your work area and work surfaces. It’s a simple job to stain the timber with a brush and lambs wool applicator and we at Whitlam Landscapes are always happy to help!

Seal Driveways and Paved Areas

Here are some basic things to consider when applying a fresh coat of sealant to a driveway of paved area:

1. Trim back any overhanging grass to make sure you get great coverage

2. Hose down your work area to remove any dirt, grass clippings and other fallen debris

3. Make sure you have enough time, energy and sealant to complete the job once started. Stopping work part way through can leave a line between the old and new coats.

As always, contact Whitlam Landscapes for help sealing your driveways and paved areas.

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